So, I deleted all of my Twitter accounts.

My main account, my AD account and the account I posted photos of food I cooked.

The latter I haven’t posted on in a while anyway, since I have a Telegram group for that now. I stopped using my main account long ago. It stressed me too much. It took too much of my free time. I always had the feeling I had to keep up with it. Now, deleting it was only the consequence. My AD account I still used occasionally, but keeping only this around felt wrong, too.

The main trigger for this was Twitter changing its TOS and Privacy Policy every once in a while, and I don’t want to read and accept those changes every time. Also, the layout changes, ad insertions, and weird-by-default-trending timeline are annoying too.

So now I’m completely on Mastodon. See link in the bottom.

I also tried installing Friendica on a shared web hosting to run an instance myself, but it threw weird error messages I didn’t find a solution to. Also, administering and moderating seem to be time-consuming, so… nah.