So it’s been roughly half a year since I started playing guitar. I was actually pretty proud of myself that I practised (nearly) daily. Only recently my motivation seems to have faded. This might have to do with the current situation of physical distancing, which means I can’t take my lessons. So I guess it’s because I don’t have the drive of “oh, I need to learn this and that until the next lesson”.

I’d’ve actually expected to have more motivation coming from myself, being able to play the instrument properly and such. I still get frustrated with myself sometimes, on the other hand, it’s only been half a year… So I guess I can’t be expecting wonders?

Lately I’ve been even “obsessing” whether I hold the guitar properly (dunno if I should call it “perfectionism”), like, is the neck high enough. The way I’ve been playing until now “kinda worked”, so I guess I don’t need to worry?