I attempt to spend as little money as possible in what I see as “unnecessary things”. I mostly buy groceries. I spend (I think) very little on clothes [1]. When I look for stuff, I look for used (second-hand) things when possible and when I find it reasonable.

I love the library. Basically “free” books (like, less than 10 € annually). Although I buy books, too, occasionally, when they’re about “knowledge”. Less so for novels. I may read them twice or thrice, but after that… not so much.

I guess the most money (besides food) goes into insurances and retirement planning - although I doubt the contracts I got from insurance representatives make much sense. I would like to go the consumer protection to get the contracts checked. But I haven’t found the time / motivation yet. I started to put some money into ETFs, though, recently.

But I wonder, what for? For the (pessimistically speaking) “worst case scenario” that I get very old, and possibly need to go into a retirement home? (I don’t like to think about becoming old, it depresses me).

I guess “most people” spend their money on traveling. Me, not so much. The only “real travels” I did in the recent years was going to furry conventions. But going somewhere alone? Couldn’t really be bothered. I thought about it occasionally, but merely choosing a destination was a struggle for me. Due to CoViD, I won’t be starting travelling around now, either.

I could probably work less, yet I want to earn more money “just to be sure”. Also, because I found out I’m underpaid according to the statistics I found. On the other hand, it’s not like I struggle financially. So what to do?

If I had more free time, I’d probably spend more money? Would I get bored, even? Dunno. Haven’t been to the cinema in months, for example. Not only due to CoViD, to be honest, even if it weren’t for that I probably wouldn’t go, unless something came on I really wanted to see. Going to the cinema alone isn’t as much fun as going with friends.


That all being said, I wonder “what am I living for?”. I have no real “goal”. I basically let the day pass and do as much things I enjoy as possible. (After doing the laundry and dishes and stuff, ugh).

[1] On a site note, I find it pretty darn hard to find comfortable boxer shorts. I don’t like the tight ones.