Gna. So I upgraded my Devuan installation from Beowulf to Chimaera. Process was a bit tricky, especially since I apparently had packages installed from Debian Multimedia installed that caused some problems (since these are considered “newer”). Apt-Pinning to the rescue, downgrading everything to the official repos.

So, only now, after the update, I realized the UI looks odd. (XFCE4). And what do I now, after looking up the appearance settings - ALL THEMES ARE GONE!!!

God, I’m pissed. Apparently, the xfwm4-themes package is no longer there, and even installing the deb manually doesn’t help - from what I’ve read this has to do with the GTK (version 2 to 3) engine.

Great, now I’m stuck with an Ugly looking desktop / window decorations. I couldn’t find anything I like over at XFCE looks, too. So, tough luck.

Also, it looks like the task bar items are occasionally “greyed out”, which in confusing as well.