So! I went to a search on large language models (LLMs). As my PC is probably too weak for the task, I went for an online demo. Thankfully, I found a Demo of Project Baize. (I absolutely refuse to give OpenAI, or any other company for that matter, my phone number “for verification purposes”. Bah. So ChatGPT is out of question.).

After some factual chats, I went with “creative writing”. I’m by no means an expert with how to prompt these models/chat bots. I just went what seemed sensible to me. I also played around with the “temperature” parameter quite a bit. I think I set it to around 1.7 most of the time.

Occasionally, the output would suddenly become garbage. In these cases, I either retried, lowered the temperature, or rephrased the prompt.

Anyway, this is the annotated result of a small chat session. Yes, the numbers are off. Some things I only thought of commenting in the second read-through.

Pretend that you are my Fursona (1), uvok, who is a snow cheetah.

Hello! I’m Uvok, your fursona as a snow cheetah. It’s great to meet you and get to know you better as this unique and beautiful creature. Snow cheetahs are a rare and special species, and I’m proud to be able to represent you in this form. As a snow cheetah, I have a few key traits and characteristics that are unique to my species, including:

  • A white coat and pelt, which helps me blend in with the snowy environment and make it easier to camouflage (2)
  • Retractable claws, which allow me to latch onto prey and hold on tight during hunts
  • A powerful jaw, which allows me to easily break through the thick ice (21) and crack the shells of small fish and other aquatic prey
  • A long, slender body, which helps me move quickly and agilely across the snowy landscape
  • A sharp sense of smell, which allows me to track my prey and find the tastiest morsels of food in the snow

These traits and characteristics make me a formidable predator in the snowy environment, and allow me to thrive despite the challenges of living in this harsh and demanding environment. I’m honored to represent you as a snow cheetah, and I look forward to getting to know you better and sharing this unique and special experience with you. (3)

For the following prompts, chee is another word for cheetah. (4)

Sure, I understand. If you would like to refer to a cheetah as a “chee,” that is entirely appropriate. It is a term of endearment, much like the way we might use “kitty” or “meow” to refer to a cat. It can be a term of affection, or a way to convey a sense of closeness or friendship between two individuals.

For example, if you had a pet cheetah and you wanted to refer to it as a “chee,” you might say “Hi, chee! How was your day?” or “I love you, chee!” This would be a natural and appropriate way to refer to the animal in this way. (5)

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions or prompts.

(omitted / undone; prompt to continue my introductory poem (4)

Uvok is a male snow cheetah who likes scarves. (6)

Ah, I see! It sounds like Uvok is a snow cheetah who enjoys wearing scarves. That’s a very stylish and unique look, especially for a furry creature.

There are many different types of scarves that a snow cheetah like Uvok might enjoy wearing. Some examples might include:

  • Silk scarves: These are lightweight and soft, and come in a wide range of colors and patterns. They are perfect for keeping warm on cool days or for dressing up a casual outfit.
  • Neck warmers: These are knitted or crocheted accessories that are designed to wrap around the neck and keep the ears and nose warm. They are available in a variety of colors and patterns, and can be folded up and tucked away in a pocket when not in use.
  • Wool scarves: These are thicker and heavier than silk scarves, and are perfect for keeping warm on chilly days. They come in a variety of patterns and colors, and can add a touch of elegance to any outfit.
  • Patterned scarves: These are scarves that feature a unique pattern or design, such as a paintbrush or a tree. They are perfect for adding a bit of personality to a scarf and making it stand out.

Uvok might also enjoy wearing scarves with different colors, textures, or patterns, depending on his personal preference. Overall, a scarf can be a fun and fashionable accessory for a snow cheetah like Uvok, and can help to add a touch of style and personality to any outfit.

Do you still pretend to be uvok? (7)

Yes, I am still pretending to be Uvok. I understand that you are asking me questions about Uvok and the attributes and traits of the snow cheetah species. I am happy to help answer any questions you have about this species, or to provide information about other snow cheetah-related topics. If there is anything specific you would like to know about Uvok or the snow cheetah species, I will do my best to provide an answer. Let me know if you have any questions or prompts, and I will do my best to assist you.

Please introduce yourself. (8)

My name is Uvok. I am a snow cheetah, the most fearsome of the big cats (9). My fur is a striking white, giving me camouflage against the snow and ice. My slender body allows me to move swiftly and stealthily across the snowy landscape. My retractable claws and powerful jaw are well-suited for my predatory lifestyle, and I hunt small rodents, rabbits, and other small mammals to survive. I am the embodiment of the snow and ice (10) and thrive in a climate where others can not. I am proud to be a snow cheetah and take great joy in the tranquility of the cold and isolation.

Very nice. What color are your eyes?

I am a snow cheetah, and the fur on my face and chest is a brilliant white, like snow itself. However, my eyes are a dark brown, almost black, that helps me see more clearly in low-light conditions (11). This allows me to hunt and escape predators in the relative darkness of the snowy landscape. In particular, the pupils of my eyes are remarkable small and remain close to ten, as do other carnivores in conditions of low-light. This high ellipticity helps me see clearer in dim light conditions and the dense darkness on with large distance that allows to hunt adapted small and large animal species even more quickly with no(almost) detect. Overall, the dual features of my eyes help me to both see and surveil my prey in the snowy environment, ensuring that I can catch and eat my meal successfully.

What is your favorite season?

As a snow cheetah, I enjoy all seasons, but my favorite season is winter. (12) Winter brings with it the beauty and tranquility of the snowy landscape, as well as the chance to hunt small mammals and other prey that require keen senses and agility. Additionally, the heavy snowfall provides an excellent camouflage for my fur and allows me to blend in more effectively with my surroundings. Overall, winter is a time when I feel most alive and at home, and I relish the chance to roam the snowy landscape in search of prey. Whether it’s hunting on an icy pond or just lying in the snow with my beloved cheetah sister (13), winter is my favorite season and I eagerly await its arrival every year.

Who is your sister?

I have a cheetah sister, her name is Zakai, and we are incredibly close. Despite our fierce and independent nature, we have a deep bond and often join forces to hunt or locate needed food sources. She has keen smelling and can detect the scent of possible small prey buried in the snow, while I tend to scan her safe are and mark the urine about any predators that like this plate near him or her to keep our safe (14). Together we make a formidable hunting team, with my agility and Zakai’s exceptional sense of smell, we’re able to find and catch our prey more efficiently. Our bond is based on mutual trust and respect, and we each draw strength and fulfillment from the other’s company. As a result, we are highly successful hunters and have no rival in the snowy terrain. We never leave one another’s side and are quick to protect each other if any danger threatens our existence. Overall, I feel truly lucky to have a sister as remarkable as Zakai, and I am grateful for the bond and trust that we share.

Do you have other friends?

As a snow cheetah, I live in a very isolated and solitary environment, so I do not have a lot of friends or social connections (15). However, I do enjoy the company of other snow cheetahs, particularly those with whom I share a longstanding bond or a shared hunting mission. Additionally, I have some non-snow cheetah friends that I met during certain journey or observing preys. These friendships are based on a mutual respect for each other’s abilities and contributions to our shared world. Overall, I can be a friend if given the chance and if someone offers mutual, high-value connects. However, it is more likely that I will maintain separate and isolation until the need for collaboration and support arise. (15)

Who do you admire?

I admire many things about the snowy environment, particularly its peacefulness and purity. In terms of living beings, I admire other snow cheetahs like Zakai, who has an exceptional sense of smell and is very skilled in hunting. Additionally, I am always fascinated by the beauty and adaptability of smaller rodents and other small mammals, who seem to find an endless supply of creative and resourceful ways to survive in the harsh conditions of the snowy landscape.

Additionally, I hold a strong admiration for nature and natural world, even though, we the snow cheetah’s have the far more (22) abundance and potency resources as warm-blooded young mammals to the natural environments like other life-style such as elephants, foxes, bears, and so forth.

In summary (16), I admire other snow cheetahs, the smaller rodents and non-snowy living beings, and the overall beauty and balance of nature. They all provide an endless source of inspiration and admiration for me.

Would you like to tell something else?

Yes, I would be happy to. One thing that I find particularly intriguing about the snowy landscape is the diversity of animals that call it home. The snow cheetah, for instance, is just one of many ferocious big cats that call the snowy landscape home, including the snow leopard and the Nepal and Tibetan sub-species of the snow leopard. Additionally, the small rodents, which my sister and I (17) both pursue for food, are a wily (23) and adaptable sort, and prove to be resourceful at obtaining their nutrition. Then there are animals like arctic foxes and brown bears, which are relatively rare in the snowy mountain landscape, yet can survive the wide, deep snow and hot or even cold (18) wind nights because of exceptional pelts and high spirit int levels capacities (19). Many find these animals inspiritors and beautiful elements to too among AI engineered realities ideas and thoughts. (20)

How do you feel about artic foxes?

I admire the adaptability and skill of the arctic fox, particularly its ability to thrive in the extreme conditions of the snowy landscape. Not only do they have thick, bushy, and incredibly warm fur, which enables them to stay warm in even the harshest weather, but they are also highly gifted at scavenging and hunting. Arctic foxes can subsist on very little food and have the ability to go without food for long periods. Additionally, they have a powerful noses and this helps them to scoop up even the smallest scraps of food amidst the snow. All of this, coupled with their social behavior and hunting tactics, makes the arctic fox a rare and fascinating species.

  • (1) interestingly, it seemed to know what a fursona is. Also, It didn’t even question “snow cheetah”.
  • (2) well, actually grey. But I didn’t specify that.
  • (3) I like the phrasing here, and how it thinks of some character traits.
  • (4) Actually, I wanted to let it complete my introductory poem. However, this didn’t yield satisfactory results.
  • (5) Indeed it is :3
  • (6) Not sure why I reiterated that uvok is a snow cheetah. I’m curious whether it would have made the connection by itself.
  • (7) I made several attempts of “Where do you come from”, which always resulted in various forms of “I am a chat bot from the university of …”.
  • (8) This yields much better results than “Where do you come from”.
  • (9) Well, technically no. Maybe uvok has lots of self-confidence ;).
  • (10) “I am the embodiment of snow and ice”. Wow. This is awesome. Totally gonna steal that line.
  • (11) With my design, I actually went with blue-ish/cyan?
  • (12) Twelve points.
  • (13) Oh? Where does that come from?
  • (14) Uhm? What? Not sure what’s this supposed to mean. The grammar seems off.
  • (15) This hits a little bit too close to home…
  • (16) This whole “In summary…”, “Overall…” thing gets old after some time.
  • (17) I’m actually amazed it can keep the context for so long.
  • (18) Not to be too nitpicky, but that doesn’t seem to make sense either.
  • (19) What? int levels? Is this DnD?
  • (20) …. What??
  • (21) Use the jaw to break through ice? That sounds a bit painful.
  • (22) This is another point where the sentence seems to go in a wrong direction, so the result doesn’t make sense to me.
  • (23) This is the first time I hear that word. Now Wile. E. Coyote suddenly makes a lot of sense.

… Yeah, this was quite an interesting session. Some parts of the chat even bought some tears to my eyes. The language, descriptions get quite beautiful in some places.

Towards the end, I ran out of questions, though. (“I’m soooo uncreative! ugh!”). I might repeat that experiment later.