Just a quick… note?

I was surprised to find a DVD of the Animals Of Farthing Wood (German: “Als die Tiere den Wald verließen”) in the library. I knew I watched this… “cartoon” (? Saying cartoon feels almost “too cheap”) as a child. So I was quite happy about it. I’ve been re-watching this, I think, the first time in around 30 years. (And I’m not quite finished yet).

I expected kind of nostalgia. What did I get? [1]
I feel kinda… surprised that I remember absolutely nothing from the plot.

I mean, sure, the animals were leaving their original home due to human destruction. I remembered at least one of the main characters. But apart from that? Nothing “rung a bell”. I didn’t remember any episode.

So it’s not like refreshing memories, but it’s more like watching this for the first time.

And also, maybe this is because “I’m an adult now”, but, oh boy, this series is dark.

Oh, and also: I was kinda also hoping to hear the German intro (or was in the outro?) song again, “Gib Niemals Auf” by “Corinna and Dirk”. But for some reason (copyright / legal stuff maybe?) both the beginning and the ending only have the instrumental part. Which is a bit of a pity.

So yeah, that’s all, just this.

[1] Tears!